Polk is now up 25 buy-ins but KidPoker has proposed a novel way for him to break even on the challenge.

If the plan all along was to goad a high stakes player into an accepting a challenge he was a big underdog in to win a million dollars, the plan has been perfectly executed. 

Doug Polk stated early on in this challenge that he expected to win seven figures from Daniel Negreanu at the $200/$400 tables and last night he did. 

After one of his biggest winning sessions he took $298,984 from Daniel over 770 hands. This puts him officially up $1,002,595.59 after 17,878 hands. The challenge is over 25,000 hands and now the chances of KidPoker overturning a 25 buy-in deficit look all but dead in the water. 

Negreanu bets $1 million he ran bad

We told you earlier this week that both Polk and Negreanu have claimed they were the one who has ran poorly this challenge. Yesterday Negreanu took to his own podcast to put his money where his mouth is. 

Sounding like every bad local player in card rooms around the world who felt like the deck was rigged against them, Negreanu stated at the 14 minute mark that he is prepared to bet $1 million that he has ran worse than Polk over the challenge, if both men made their hand histories available for review. It’s certainly a novel way to break even on the challenge. 

As is often the case, Negreanu was talking somewhat with his tongue in cheek, and has stated he is enjoying the challenge, it is improving his overall game and he could be persuaded to do a rematch. 

Polk on the other hand has been using his Twitter account to start sharing some of those hand histories and poke fun at Negreanu’s bellyaching at the same time.

Who is running worse in this challenge? Let us know in the comments:

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