We might be seeing the end of Mike Postle’s battle against the poker community as he loses his legal team and his case could get thrown out.

Mike Postle
Mike Postle

More drama in the ongoing Mike Postle story and it is not looking good for the alleged cheat in his attempts to sue the poker world

Shortly after it was revealed that he was suing a a number of high profile poker figures including Daniel Negreanu, Doug Polk, Veronica Brill, Phil Galfond and PokerNews, we discovered his legal team field a motion to be released as his counsel. 

Last week his attorney Steven Lowe had indeed that motion to be released granted, leaving Postle without legal counsel. 

Lowe cited a lack of communication with Postle as his reason for wanting to be released. Typically when a lawyer files a motion to be released from their client it is due to non payment or when new facts come to light which would make the case hard for them to win. 

Brill and Witteles fight back

In a double blow for Postle two of the defendants he is suing, Veronica Brill and Todd Witteles, have filed anti-SLAPPs to be heard in February. These are lawsuits designed to dismiss early when a court case has no merit, especially when a lawsuit has been introduced to intimidate somebody into silence. 

Most people in the poker world do not think Postle has much of a case to be made in his lawsuit when you factor in the overwhelming evidence presented against him. However, there was some concern that a court of non poker players might not see it that way, especially as a documentary maker was making a film of the case, one that was apparently sympathetic to Postle. 

It would now appear that we could be seeing the last of Mike Postle’s battle against the poker community, although we have been wrong before. 

Is this case over? Let us know in the comments:

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