IF EVERYONE IS DOING IT… EVERYONE LOSES THEIR SHIRTIt’s an old gambling expression. It’s not particularly deep, is it? Akin to ‘money doesn’t grow on trees.’ it’s so basic but jesus fukcing christ if I see another person with gambling addiction issues posting that they lost huge on the wallstreetbets stocks…How anyone can think that they were just gonna jump on the bandwagon and ride off into the sunset with millions is mind boggling. What did you do, read about it on reddit and blindly start pouring money into it, long after the whole thing started? Yeah, and so did your buddy, and your buddy’s buddy, and everyone else working from home or not working sitting at home with a laptop, stim check and boredom/yearning in their brains/heart. I mean it didnt take much cleverness did it? With all these johnny come latelys doing the exact same, did you really think it would be that easy to strike it rich? I mean if it was that fucking easy for a whole massive swath of peoppe to use an internet message board and ALL become rich it would have happened before 2021.I applaud those who did it to stick it to the hedge funds and who dont care if they get waxed on it. But those cats could afford it.If you used money you needed, or actually thought you were gonna retire early off this, I’m sorry but you needed this harsh lesson. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sub with plenty of smart people or rich people…If everyone is doing it… Hold onto your ass and proceed with caution. Don’t fuck yourself in the ass because of FOMO. When everyone is doing it, everyone loses their shirt. it’s true more often than not.PS: if you made mad tendies with your diamond ape hands that’s awesome but im seeing too many posts of people getting fleeced cuz they don’t have a clue what theyre doing and are just chasing a buzz

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