I’m a 28 year old with a stable job. I have this bad gambling habit of wanting to win money when an unexpected bill comes. EG. 6-7k bill unexpectedly came and was uncontrolled. Online betting agencies, mainly racing. I will put 1k on a good tip, and hoping for a 3-4k win. Have in my head if it wins, I withdraw. Which I do if I win, I have some sort of discipline within this crippling disease. I lose however, and I either increase my stake, or increase the odds and keep my stake. 2k on hoping for a 7-8k win, my outlay now 3k. I win, I withdraw. I lose I keep going. Until my stake becomes to high or my odds are unlikely. What draws me in, is that I consistently am able to win. However today I succumbed to a 15k loss, which has now happened 3 times in 5 years. My losses definitely outweigh my wins. I feel sick. Helpless. Hopeless. I’ve come from poverty and worked really hard to where I am now. I have paid off my car, and college tuition, and have been paying a mortgage for a few years. I came clean to my partner and she is very supportive I’m lucky. I know many others are a lot worse than me, but I need help and will vow to quit. Any support, criticism or reassurances will be greatly appreciated. This forum has made me feel a lot better already. submitted by /u/Need2changePls [comments]

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