You may be surprised to learn that my memory is horrendously bad. Sadly, it is true.

Whenever I am in a major live poker tournament, I write down every significant hand I play. I usually reread all of the hands I play at the end of each day.

This allows me to review my play with a clear mind. It is not uncommon for me to pinpoint a few leaks that I actively work to plug. These notes also make it easy for me to accurately discuss my hands with my friends, which is incredibly beneficial. Discussing your play with other good poker players is mandatory if you want to improve at the game.

I am constantly asked “How do you take notes at the table? You don’t have enough time!” Well, I made a video explaining exactly how I do it. I strongly suggest you check out the video, experiment with note taking at and away from the table, and figure out what works for you. Let me know how it goes!

Good luck!


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