The company behind Unibet are the first operator to reveal the percentage of their revenue from problem gambling.


Kindred Group, the parent company of several casino operators as well as Unibet, have announced they plan to get 0% of their revenue from problem gamblers by 2023. 

Last week they revealed 4.31% of their revenue came from what they classed as high-risk customers who display harmful gambling habits. However, the majority of their customers, almost 90% of them, were classified as low risk or ‘social’ players.  

They will achieve a Player Safety – Early Detection System (PS-EDS), which can pick up the early signs of a gambling problem. This system has been shown to result in safer gambling behaviours in 75.7% of high risk customers. 

Kindred Group will also be investing more in staff training, responsible gaming tools like deposit limits and time outs, and consulting with academics and former gambling addicts to reach their 2023 goal. 

This is a bold move by Kindred who are the first operator to reveal the percentage of their revenue they get from high risk customers. 2023 is an ambitious goal to eliminate problem gambling revenue entirely but it seems possible. Hopefully this will encourage other operators to reveal their own revenues from high risk customers to further clamp down on problem gambling. 

Do you think this goal is achievable? Let us know in the comments:

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