Gone cold turkey for three days now. it’s not easy but so far coping.other than my gambling addiction i also have a binge eating disorder, and it goes without saying that i was overweight. i said i was because thank you to some adjustment in the diet (cut sugar and other carbs) and exercise help me lose 35 pounds.One tool i identified was the power of push ups and/or High intensity interval training. everytime i feel hungry or crave something i did as many push ups as i can to the point of exhaustion or breathlessness and the cravings disappear.since i quit gambling/impulsive trading (it’s been a stressful 3 days). i realized that i can use this as well to help manage the mental stress of quitting an addiction. everytime i feel the urge to call my broker to open my account, i do as many push ups as i can to the point of breathlessness and then wash my hands. the desire slowly dissipates. i can’t explain why but everytime i push my self physically to it’s limits, i end up not calling my broker and the desire to trade slows down.so far it’s working for me. it’s not easy but it helps with my impulses. I am not sure if it will work for everyone but it’s been quite helpful to me and i wanted to share it with the group just in case.

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